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Herbie Treehead

Over his performing lifetime, Herbie has gathered an underground following of fans. A cult figure at festivals across Britain, he has performed at countless venues around the world.

His unique style made him the star of the hit BBC One TV show Xperi-mental, where he tested crazy science stunts as a mad professor. 

He created the worlds first Dinosaur Circus- a hit of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2004 and his theatre production Cherubs Garden was also a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and later transferred to the National Theatre. As part of this show he produced an album of original music for kids and adults. The album 'Sleepy Songs and not so Sleepy songs' was produced with Robert Lee and is available to buy online! The Herbie Treehead Disaster Band have received much acclaim from audiences around the UK and the eight piece band plays regularly at theatres and festivals.