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Robert Lee

The multi-skilled talents of the wonderful Robert Lee have been utilised to bring hundreds of projects and live shows to life.

A brilliant live instrumentalist and composer, he has produced over 250 songs for use on TEFL language courses, taught to millions of people all over the world, written scores for many theatre shows, produced albums for other people (and a few in his own name as well) and performs in various crazy live endeavours!

He has produced two full length musicals WOB and Vaudevillious. His original music is currently touring theatres and schools across England in the show “Upstairs in the Sky”. He has played with many bands including Herbie Treeheads Disaster Band, The Fantastic Flea Band, with Ergo Phizmiz in Gargantua and recently he played an improvised classical piece of piano- live-  on the biggest radio station in Germany.

He composes and performs the original music for the Slightly Fat shows and his studio Dib Dib Dub produces a huge range of types of music and albums including his own four full length studio albums. These works are available alongside lots and lots more at