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Richard Garaghty

Richard has been amazing audiences for over 20 years. He has performed at many theatre festivals and venues across the world including at the famous Covent Garden, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The National Theatre, and the Cape Town Street Theatre Festival. 

Other highlights include being part of the Rolling Stones World tour, starring in BBC Open University, making his feature film debut in 'Back To the Garden', appearing several times with Spymonkey, starring in several BBC radio plays and performing in the West End in the acclaimed play Monsieur D’eon and as Evel Kinell his stunt man character. 

He works with Millennium FX regularly and recently has been an belly dancing Orangutang in a chocolate commercial, an Ape in Dubai with Dom Joly, been in Dr Who on BBC1 twice, with David Attenburgh and appeared in the new Star Wars!

He is also half of the double act Streetcomedy (with Goronwy Thom), who have just won the peoples choice award at the International Streets of Durham Festival, Arts Fresco at Market Harbourgh and at Landshut in Germany.