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Goronwy Thom

Goronwy has performed professionally all of his life, his first appearance was aged 4, in Ibsen at The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield (where the snooker is). He then retired from serious drama and decided to try to make people laugh instead! 

He ran away to circus school at 16, worked with the Moscow State Circus and began performing as a cabaret act and MC. He also trained as an actor at Bretton Hall.

Since he has appeared in cabarets, circuses, plays, operas, ballets, on stages, on the street, on land, on the sea, on concrete, on grass, at weddings, at funerals, in schools, in prisons, in hospitals, in theatres, in big tops, in films, on television and on radios across the world. 

On the way he has been seen at The Royal National Theatre, on the BBC, in English Touring Opera, doing street shows in Lebanon, hosting stages at Glastonbury and headlining on ocean liners across the world.

Goronwy is the ever growing personality behind Slightly Fat Features.