"Inspired Silliness"

The Times


Slightly Fat Features are a rabble rousing troupe of seven extraordinarily talented gentlemen who proudly pioneer Variety, giving this keystone of Great British entertainment a gloriously refreshing makeover for the 21st century. 

Touring their smash-hit, highly skilled and hilarious shows across the World since 2010.

They have won multiple awards for their highly original, chaotic and bizarre cabarets. The timeless shows that they create are stuffed to the seams with astonishing physical skills, orchestrated mayhem and lots of laughs- perfect for a wide ranging audience. 

Hard to describe until you witness it live-  A genre of live theatre that is rarely seen

Family friendly but not a kids show, hilarious comedy but not a late night adult cabaret.

Has to be seen live to be truly understood!

Variety is back and it's Slightly Fat.



Not often can you can say that a show suits all ages, shapes and sizes.

This is one of those rare treats.

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